Job Packages

Need a bigger team? Add more job packages.

1 Job Package

  • Credit doesn’t expires
  • 1 Job Posting
  • Posted for 30 days
  • Suitable for Startups

10 Job Package

  • Credit doesn’t expires
  • 11 Job Posting
  • Posted for 45 days
  • Suitable for Larger Team

50 Job Package

  • Credit doesn’t expires
  • 60 Job Posting
  • Posted for 60 days
  • Suitable for Enterprise

Why Most Employers Choose Jobs Giga

Affordable all in one solution for all your hiring needs.

  • 1

    Built in Chat

    Chat and talk with potential candidate all you want, without leaving jobsgiga.

  • 2

    Easy to Use

    Easy to use dashboard for all your statistic and export any data you want.

  • 3

    Free Company Profile

    Showcase Your Company, Attract The Right Talent

  • 4

    Quick Support

    Get access to 24 hour support directly from inside jobs giga dashboard

  • 5

    Abundance of Great Candidates

    We serve candidates from over 200+ countries, thousands of resume uploaded to our platform every minute.

  • 6

    Never Expires

    Your job packages will never expire. Until your job gets approve and posted.