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Government of the Virgin Islands

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Job title: Court Clerk II/ Interpreter

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Company: Government of the Virgin Islands

Job description: Description

This is advanced court clerical work in a division of the Superior Court. Work may be performed in civil, small claims, family, jury trial division, traffic, or criminal non-jury.

Work may involve responsibility for a specific area of court case processing or for performing a variety of advanced clerical functions, which requires the application of independent judgment and the interpretation of routine policies and procedures based on training and knowledge gained through experience on the job. Advice and assistance will normally be provided as needed by a higher level court clerk or other supervisor but most functions will be performed with a minimum of checking or other supervision. Positions in this class are distinguished from Court Clerk I by the degree of independence and responsibility exercised and the variety of work tasks assigned. Work may include and/or require the ability to perform lower level Court Clerk I duties. Work is reviewed by a supervisor through observation of operations and on the basis of results achieved.

Interpreter Assignment When officially designated as a court interpreter, the following duties and qualifications apply and pay is adjusted according to court pay policies.

Work involves attending court proceedings and/or public counter to provide interpreter services in the translation of court proceedings and documents from English into Spanish and vice-versa for use by judges, attorneys, defendants, and the general public. Translations may be consecutive (question and answer), or simultaneous, and may involve face-to-face contact (e.g., in court, various types of interviews); telephone interviews, conference calls or depositions, audio and video recordings; and sight translations (printed or handwritten text and documents). When not engaged as interpreter, court clerical duties are carried out. Work requires knowledge of the Spanish language and the ability to read, speak and write Spanish. Must be able to plan, organize, and maintain work flow. Knowledge of the culture and customs of the groups and communities using the language is also required. Work is reviewed by judges and other supervisors through observation of operations and the accuracy of translated materials.

Duties and Responsibilities

(Any one position may not include all of the duties listed, nor do the examples cover all the duties which may be performed)

  • Performs the full scope of varied procedural court clerical work involved in case processing manually or on the computer system from recording initial case filings to case terminations and all case action occurring between in the areas of traffic, criminal, civil, family, small claims or jury trial division.
  • Receives petitions of court orders from attorneys, issues fee slips, date stamps petitions; assigns case numbers, prepares file folders and fee sheet; issues all summons required.
  • Assists the public in filing cases; assists the public on the telephone or at a counter.
  • Reviews legal documents for completeness, adequacy, accuracy and compliance with rules; determines processing required and takes necessary action in accordance with court rules or refers difficult matters to superiors.
  • Determines proper routing of complaints, petitions, and other filings; notifies parties.
  • Types and issues summons, notices, subpoenas, warrants, property bonds, and similar processes; computes applicable dates for service and return of service, affixes court seal and authenticates documents.
  • Types notice of entry sheet or return of service, certifies, seals copies, and distributes for service.
  • Types and routes writs of executions and garnishments and sends to marshal; prepares lien documents.
  • May perform financial duties such as receiving fees and issuing fee slips in limited circumstances.
  • Types or generates from the computer, notices, subpoenas, summons, index and disposition cards, executions, levy forms, petitions, affidavits, correspondence, court calendars, orders, etc.; reviews for accuracy and completeness; secures required signatures.
  • Enters manually or on computer system, required permanent record information such as case events, bail information, case activity, dispositions, sentencing, orders for protection or harassment restraining orders.
  • Processes temporary restraining orders and advisement of rights, fills out affidavit of financial status, swears appropriate individuals; assigns attorney.
  • Locates and checks out files for attorneys, court, and public; responds to questions/inquiries regarding court procedures.
  • Prepares files for court, checks for proper service, checks calendars with files to verify proper labeling and the existence of record of proceedings.
  • Performs courtroom clerical duties; prepares case files and forms for court; presents file to judge; checks people in and calls the calendar; swears witnesses and individuals to various court oaths; takes record of proceedings.
  • Distributes/transmits court notices as necessary; contacts attorneys and parties concerning rescheduling; makes appropriate record entries; refers difficult rescheduling matters to supervisor.
  • Notarizes documents if required by the position; attests and seals orders signed by a judge and distributes as necessary; may prepare monthly reports of case activity and pending cases; makes copies of documents, certifies documents; pulls files for customer review; prepares docket sheets and copies entire file for appeal to District Court.
  • Prepares for jury trials; makes copies of information for judge; issues process; pre- marks exhibit and prepares exhibit sheet.
  • Checks in jurors when they report for jury duty; participates in jury selection and trials, suspension hearings, show case hearings, change of pleas, sentencing and motion hearings.
  • Completes the jury panel evaluation data form and jury panel sheet; excuses jurors for challenges for cause and peremptory challenges; seats jurors in the jury box; swears the jurors and marshals and all witnesses; records notes for the file on all motions before the court; marks and categorizes exhibits offered into evidence; completes a record of proceeds for each trial; verifies with the attorneys all the evidence to be sent to the jurors for deliberation along with the complaint and verdict form(s); inquires from the foreperson if a verdict has been reached; retrieves all evidence from the jury deliberation room; prepares and secures the evidence attached with a copy of the exhibit list; completes notice of judgment/order of entry; certifies copies of the judgment/order and sends to all involved parties; and enters case disposition into a log book or computer.
  • Receives, opens and date stamps mail as necessary.
  • May fill in for judges’ secretary or receptionist as necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned or required.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from an approved high school or vocational school and experience (six months to two years) as a Court Clerk I or in the legal field. Possession of an Associate’s degree from an accredited college or university in Spanish, language arts or a related field, or at least one year experience as an interpreter. Familiarity with legal terms and certification is preferred.

Any combination of training and work experience which indicates possession of the knowledge, abilities and skills listed above. An example of an acceptable qualification for this position is:

Possession of an Associate’s degree from an accredited college or university in Spanish, language arts or a related field, or at least one year experience as an interpreter. Familiarity with legal terms and certification is preferred.

Position Factors

Knowledge of court procedures and policies, code and legal factors pertaining to the court.

Knowledge of the organization, operations, functions and scope of authority of the court or activity to which assigned.

Knowledge of the court automated information system.

Knowledge of legal terminology.

Knowledge of appropriate fee structures.

Knowledge of modern office practices and procedures.

Knowledge of basic mathematical concepts.

Ability to perform accurate mathematical calculations.

Ability to read and interpret legal documents of varying type and complexity.

Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

Ability to make decisions in accordance with laws, regulations, and departmental policies and procedures.

Ability to maintain a variety of complex records and prepare reports from such records.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

Skill in the operation of a personal computer and other standard equipment.

Expected salary: $32926.4 per year

Location: USA

Job date: Tue, 02 Aug 2022 22:26:37 GMT

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