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Job title: Revenue Operations Clerk II

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Company: State of Nebraska

Job description: Description

An employee in this position performs unique technical operations and corrections to taxpayer accounts, computer generated listings, and inquiries. This involves extensive research and analysis through use of paper and electronic listings, PC programs, and OnBase. This position performs extensive reviews of documentation. This involves daily oral and written communication on technical details of tax rules and regulations, with teammates and the public.

We offer flexible scheduling with the option to start as early as 6:30am and end as late as 6:30pm.

Location: Nebraska State Office Building 301 Centennial Mall, Lincoln

*This advertisement is for temporary positions expected to last until 7/01/2022.*

Examples of Work

1. Processing returns and/or refund claims. This includes performing the following on a semi-regular basis: opening mail, sorting of like tax forms, validation of documents, reconciliation of deposits, data entry and document preparation.

2. Edit and correction of tax returns and applications for various tax programs.

3. Written and telephone communication with taxpayers regarding the information contained on tax returns, applications, and refund claims.

4. Corrections of errors on tax returns and applications through computer listings. These errors may be caused by incorrect information contained on a return or application, may be an error made in previous processing steps.

5. Training peers.

6. Sharing information, identifying possible problems and formulating solutions.

7. Educating taxpayers on various tax programs.

8. Assists with other functions as the need arises.

Qualifications / Requirements


Coursework, training, and or experience in office/document processing work that involved using personal computers, web and PC based software applications, and other office equipment


one year of experience comparing and evaluating complex documents against a set of criteria for content and accuracy, researching and interpreting transaction records, and interacting with customers by phone and/or in person.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of: Web and PC software applications, general accounting principles, and business office procedures.

Skills in: Operation of PC, calculator, and other basic office machines.

Ability to: Communicate effectively by telephone, face-to-face, and in writing with tax preparers, taxpayers, teammates, and supervisors. Research and analyze accounts; recognize errors during review of tax returns, applications, and reports. Apply various policies, procedures and instructions in the area of tax administration; work on broad assignments with responsibility for daily decision-making; organize and coordinate daily functions.

Expected salary: $15.19 per hour

Location: Lincoln, NE

Job date: Thu, 04 Aug 2022 01:43:19 GMT

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