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Job title: Work from Home Computer Data Entry & Feedback – Part Time

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Company: EA Solutions

Job description: Work from Home Online Computer Data Entry & Short Studies/Feedback – Part Time & Full Time

We specialize in market research and are looking for help in some of our work at home computer positions. No experience is required as we provide full training through our online Zoom training.

We are sought after by some of the largest and most reputable brand names around for what we can do to help them in retail and online computer sales. Or more specifically, what you can do to help them in an ever growing online world. When a company creates a new product or wants to offer a new service, they usually want to know how well its going to perform in the marketplace long before they launch full-scale production and actualize a nation-wide marketing campaign. They want to know such things as what age group would most likely purchase the item theyre selling and what income bracket does that age group fall into? Maybe they want to know how often one would need their service and in what parts of the country do these individuals live. This is where we come in. You can find out more about us and what we do when you apply for this position.

Some of the Industries in Which We Work.

  • Aerospace Aviation & Atmosphere Science
  • Air Travelers & Airlines International & Domestic Carriers
  • Apparel/Accessories/Textiles Online/Retail
  • Automotive Design, Development, Manufacturing
  • Beverage Beverage Industry Trends, Formulations & Technology
  • Candy/Confectionery Chocolate ,Sugar, Gum Products
  • Computers Information and Communication Technology
  • Education Instruction and Training
  • Film/Movie Production, Film festivals, Distribution
  • Health Care Public & Home Care
  • Manufacturing Raw Materials & Machinery
  • Outdoor Gear Outdoor Gear & Equipment
  • Pet Foods/Supplies/Pet Owners
  • Restaurants/Food Service
  • Travel/Tourism Local/International
  • Toys Industry Trends/Changes


  • Must have highspeed internet with good connection.
  • Must have a desktop/laptop or smart phone with functioning camera & microphone.
  • Must have a quiet work space.


Data Entry & Feedback – Work from Home (Remote)

$21.00 – $26.00 Per Hour

Question/Answer Survey Design

$21.00 $26.00 Per Hour

Short Study Participation

$10 $75 (Per 1 hour study)

Focus Groups:

$75-$175 (per 1-2 hour study)

$200-$850 (multiple-hour studies)

Job Perks:

  • No commute when working from your home office.
  • Options to meet with groups or join in online.
  • Options to choose hours and whether you work part-time up to full-time.
  • Explore what is coming to market and help companies improve products & services.
  • Growth in companies through participation & seniority.

If you feel like you have interest in doing work from home and in temporary part-time or full-time positions, feel free to submit your application. You could become an integral member helping businesses understand their market and ultimately locating their next customer.

Expected salary: $26 per hour

Location: Chula Vista, CA

Job date: Mon, 18 Jul 2022 22:28:14 GMT

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