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Job title: Youth Soccer Athletics Coaching Intern Pittsburgh East

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Company: Soccer Shots

Job description: Soccer Shots Pittsburgh is hiring reliable, personable, communicative, & engaging coaching interns to help us pursue our Company Vision Statement: “To positively impact children’s lives and to provide a remarkable experience for their families on and off the soccer field through best-in-class coaching, communication, and curriculum.”

Do you have what it takes to work for Soccer Shots? Please visit the & watch this to see a session in action!

While soccer experience is a plus, it is not required; most important is that our instructors are comfortable leading & interacting with a group of young children (ages 2-8). Soccer Shots provides detailed curricula with weekly lesson plans & all necessary soccer equipment.

We will only schedule you to work when you are available, but your availability must be consistent each week for the duration of the season. We operate year-round with winter, spring, summer, fall, & fall 2.0 seasons; each season typically lasts 8 to 11 weeks. Coaches are expected to have reliable personal transportation & to be available & present for their particular time slot(s) all 8-11 weeks of the season.

Each coach has a unique, personalized schedule; hours worked range from 5-25 hours per week depending upon availability, location, & ability / performance. While our biggest need is for weeknight & weekend coaches, potential scheduling blocks could (depending upon a person’s availability) include:

  • Weekday mornings: between 8:45 AM and 12 PM – dependent upon location
  • After-school hours: 2:30 PM to 4 / 4:30 PM – dependent upon location
  • Weeknights: 4:45 PM to 7 / 8 PM – dependent upon location
  • Weekend mornings: 8 / 9: 00 AM to 12 / 1:30 PM – dependent upon location

Instructors should also be willing to perform other duties as requested in order to to help drive to our Vision, fulfill our Mission, & abide by our Core Values. Paid, seasonal in-person staff trainings are required and will be announced in advance.


  • We care
  • We own it
  • We pursue excellence
  • We are stronger together
  • We are candid
  • We grow

Interns MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Experience with YOUNG children: Must be able to easily engage and interact with 2-8 year olds, and have experience doing so.
  • Dependable: Must be willing to commit to, at minimum, one year of coaching with Soccer Shots; we need an honest and true commitment. There should be no expectation (spoken or unspoken) that you will back out on your commitment to the children and their families. If something unexpected arises, you must finish out the current season before resigning.
  • Responsible: Arrives at least 20 minutes early to each session; comes prepared with lesson plan memorized; can handle a group of 10 or more young children (ages 2-8); keeps accurate attendance; well organized.
  • Professional: Neat in appearance; friendly and courteous with daycare / school staff and directors / principal and parents; self-assured and confident.
  • Enthusiastic: Must enjoy interacting with young children (2–8 years old); able to connect with children and to communicate on their level. You must be very outgoing, animated, and able to be silly with the children. There is no room for shyness or reserved behavior; we need ENTHUSIASTIC instructors!
  • Reliable PERSONAL transportation and valid driver’s license: reliance on public transportation, ride sharing, or alternative forms of transportation (bicycle) has been shown to be highly unsustainable given the locations at which we work. Please expect a decent amount of driving for this job, as you will need to travel between our various field locations throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area.
  • PA State-Required Clearances: Candidate must be able to provide clear PA state clearances and clear FBI fingerprint clearance upon acceptance of an offer of employment.
  • Soccer or other athletic / sports experience: Soccer experience is preferred but is not required. If you are great with children but have just basic familiarity with the game, that should suffice. Training will be thorough!


  • Operate under supervision of Soccer Shots Pittsburgh Director of Coaching and Coaching Coordinator
  • Coaching – responsible for coaching a set number of Soccer Shots sessions per week. Each session ranges in length from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Coaching – responsible for running demo classes at new and prospective locations.
  • Staff development – support the Director of Coaching and Coaching Coordinator with evaluations / reviews and training of other members of the Soccer Shots Pittsburgh coaching staff.
  • Staff development – assist with preparations for and during our seasonal coach training meetings.
  • Curriculum review – responsible for having a thorough knowledge of the Soccer Shots curriculum and will provide regular feedback and evaluation of the lesson plans.
  • Community outreach / public relations – when needed, represent Soccer Shots Pittsburgh at community events such as open houses, back to school nights, etc.
  • Marketing – partake in seasonal marketing efforts including distribution of marketing flyers and yard signs.

Instructors should also be willing to perform other duties as requested in order to to help drive to our Vision, fulfill our Mission, and abide by our Organization’s Values.

Obtaining Academic/College Credit

This internship experience may or may not already be an approved academic credit internship with your school. Please make sure to notify us immediately if you are seeking academic credit through your school for this experience. With your help, Soccer Shots will work directly with your school’s registrar, academic advisor, or internship department to help you achieve academic credit for this internship experience.

Objectives / Responsibilities

The objective of this internship will be to support Soccer Shots leadership staff and coaches by completing projects related to the operations of our Coaching Team / staff.

Compensation is $18/ 30 to 45-minute session for Head Coaches & $10/ 30 to 45-minute session for Alternate Coaches / Coaches-in-training. It is typical for coaches to go through an initial, paid training period (as an Alternate Coach / Coach-in-Training) before being promoted to Head Coach. For those working at our week-long morning camps, pay is $250 per week for Head Coaches and $150 per week for Alternate Coaches.


Intern must have their own reliable, personal vehicle for transportation to/from our locations, which are located throughout the greater Pittsburgh area.

Internship Structure and Compensation:

Each internship is unique depending on time of year, program needs, and candidates’ interests and abilities. As noted above, we do expect to need the intern to work approximately 15-25 hours per week. Please let us know how many hours you need when you apply.

Please Note: This is a slightly atypical position in that you will have only very occasional in-person contact with the rest of the Soccer Shots team. Many of our staff members work remotely; as such, much of our communication takes place via email, text messaging, phone calls, and online video conferencing. Given this, the candidate MUST be motivated, organized, communicative, and self-regulating. This position is NOT suitable for those who require a significant amount of oversight or a socially-driven work environment.

The non-coaching duties of this internship are unpaid, but school credit may be offered if your particular school’s internship requirements are met.


As the “face” of Soccer Shots, our success as nationally recognized and locally respected brand is dependent on the exemplary performance of our coaches. It is a coach’s responsibility to manage and direct all duties related to the operation of a Soccer Shots session, including, but not limited to the following tasks.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Attends required coaches meetings.
  • Knows lesson plan in curriculum prior to session.
  • Maintains equipment in proper condition.
  • Dresses in approved Soccer Shots uniform.
  • Arrives at least 15 minutes early for each session to be set up and fully prepared before parents and players arrive.
  • Brings attendance sheet to every session.
  • Organizes children into approved-sized groups and does not miss any registrants.
  • Occasionally comes into our office (in Carnegie) as needed to prep & plan for summer camps
  • Help distribute summer camps materials to summer camp staff


  • Ensures the safety and well-being of every child, first and foremost.
  • Retrieves and returns children (per site process) for each session. No child is ever left alone.
  • Follows proper on site protocol for each location, as provided by supervisor and/or site director.
  • Conducts high-energy, fun, organized, 30 to 45-minute sessions
  • Follows the proper weekly Soccer Shots lesson plan.


  • Communicates in a timely fashion with supervisor about any changes, challenges, or important information / concerns.
  • Records attendance online upon completion of coaching.
  • Submits time sheet per payroll policy.
  • Returns equipment and leftover supplies to supervisor upon completion of each season.

Physical/work Environment Requirements: This position functions in an inside/outside sports environment a majority of the time. Work requires ability to run, stop, stoop, bend (a physical, exercise type regimen) in a minimum of 30-minute increments per session. The position requires use of hands, arms, legs and feet and may include lifting up to 50 pounds on occasion. Moderate gymnasium-like noises are associated with this position as well as excellent vision skills (with or without correction.)

Expected salary: $10 – 18 per hour

Location: Monroeville, PA

Job date: Mon, 25 Jul 2022 02:12:28 GMT

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